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Trying to lose weight can be a difficult and frustrating process. There are so many factors to consider and often, it feels like no matter what we do, the scale just doesn't seem to budge. However, there are some simple things that can be done to give your weight loss efforts a boost. One of these things is using magnetic bead auricular patch.
EAPatch Magnetic Bead Auricular Patch is a form of auricular acupoint therapy that stimulates specific points in the ear to achieve fat loss.

Treatise of Auriculotherapy

Magnetic bead ear acupoints can help weight loss, which is mainly due to the "inverted baby" theory of Chinese medicine. It was formally discovered and developed by a French Doctor – Dr. Paul Nogier, a neurologist.

According to TCM, the ear is a miniature system that corresponds to all parts of the body, and is shaped and positioned like an inverted baby, with acupoints that correspond to various parts of the baby. Magnetic Bead Ear Patch stimulates the stomach points, small intestine points, kidney points and endocrine points on the ear, which work together to form an important regulatory center, which we can call the "hunger point". This "hunger point" can regulate appetite, balance hormones and increase metabolism, thus helping the body to achieve the effect of weight loss.

Auricular Acupuncture

Traditional Auricular Acupuncture

Traditional auricular acupuncture is technically demanding, requiring practitioners to have extensive experience and precise manipulation skills. In addition, if not properly sterilized or handled, it may lead to infection. Some people may experience discomfort or pain with ear acupuncture.

Auricular Therapy In EAPatch

Rooted in the principles of Chinese medicine, Auricular therapy are a natural, effective, and side-effect-free product that may support physical and mental well-being.

Auricular therapy is a noninvasive treatment which is safe and effective. Since they don’t require the use of needles, there is low risk of infection or bleeding. It is also a great way to introduce the benefits of acupuncture to those with needle phobia.

Static Magnetic Field

Static Magnetic Field Therapy is a type of therapy where static magnets are used to alleviate certain medical conditions or promote overall health. The theory behind this therapy is that the magnetic field produced by these static magnets can affect the human body’s own magnetic and electric fields, helping to improve blood circulation, reduce pain, and promote healing. 

Static Magnetic Field Therapy In EAPatch

Your body inherently possesses both magnetic and electric fields, with all of your molecules carrying a small amount of magnetic energy. The premise of magnetic field therapy is based on the concept that certain health issues may arise from imbalances in these magnetic fields. It’s hypothesized that by introducing an external magnetic field close to the body, the equilibrium can be restored. The magnetic beads embedded in the EAPatch generate this type of magnetic field, which can be harnessed for body weight management.


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PEEL the self-adhesive ear pellet away from it’s backing.

PLACE it on both ears, the magnetic field correctly positions the beads.

PRESS into place and throughout the day to stimulate the nerve endings.


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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This magnetic bead auricular patch is really effective for me. After using it, I feel my metabolism has significantly accelerated and my weight has decreased. Meanwhile, I noticed that my appetite was well controlled, which is something other weight loss methods I tried before couldn’t achieve.

Redd, 36

I think this product is perfect for me who is always busy. I just need to stick it on my ear and I can lose weight while doing other things. At the same time, I noticed that my appetite was well controlled, and my health condition has also improved.

Kim Will, 48

After using the magnetic bead auricular patch, not only has my weight decreased, but my overall health condition has also significantly improved. I feel that my metabolism has accelerated and my mental state has become better. 

Allison Smith, 41

This magnetic bead auricular patch is the most effective among all the weight loss methods I’ve tried. In just one week, my weight has dropped by over 30 pounds. This has given me confidence in weight loss. 

Deb Kendrick, 38

I was skeptical at first, but these magnetic bead auricular patches have truly made a difference in my weight loss journey. It’s a non-invasive and painless method that has had a positive impact on my overall health.

Dianna Williams, 41

very light, I hardly feel its existence. But its weight loss effect is very obvious, I highly recommend it! I really appreciate this product.

Gary, 50

Since using EAPatch's Magnetic Bead Auricular Patch, my quality of life has improved dramatically. I now maintain my weight at a level that I am happy with and I feel healthier overall.

Kathi Kirschner, 36


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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